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راهنمای قدم به قدم بازی Dying Light

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راهنمای قدم به قدم بازی Dying Light

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راهنمای تصویری و قدم به قدم بازی Dying Light


The Dying Light game guide contains - Dying Light - Game Guide and Walkthrough





Melee weaponsFirearmsThrowing weaponsThe use of parkour and environment elementsDeath and its consequences


The Infected encountered during the dayThe Infected encountered only at nightHuman enemies

Main hideouts and safe zonesDay and night cycleExploration


BlueprintsBoostersWeapon UpgradesWeapon repairing

Main quests - The Slums

Map1: Awakening2: First Assignment3: Airdrop4: Pact with Rais5: Siblings6: The Pit7: The Saviors

Main quests - Old Town

Map8: Find the Embers9: Higher Education10: Public Face11: Rendezvous12: The Museum13: Broadcast

Main quests - Antenna

Map13: Broadcast - part 2

Main quests - Old Town #2

14: The Clinic15: Extraction

Main quests - The Slums #2

15: Extraction - part 2

Side quests - The Slums

Map1: Mother's Day2: Goodnight Mr. Bahir3: Gunslinger4: Voltage5: Gas Mask Man6: Prodigal Son7: Gassed Up8: Incense Herbs9: Spare Glasses10: Searchlights11: On the Hooks12: Tunnel Vision13: Firebug14: Steal from a Thief15: Dulse16: Binoculars17: Where's My Mother?18: A Survivor's Guide to Zombieland19: O Brother Where Art Thou?20: Poisonous Herbs21: Midnight Bride22: The Big Bang Thesis23: Total Security24: Crayons for the Kids25: Electronic Parts26: A Baby is Born27: Witch Queen28: Lighter Gas29: Coffee30: Bandages and Meds31: Assault and Batteries32: Cease and Desist

Side quests - Old Town

Map1: Radio Station2: Office Outpost3: Lost in Space4: The Bunker5: Rupert the Gunsmith6: Do You Believe?7: Fan Zone8: Legless Spider9: Health Potion10: Blocks for the Boy11: Dungeon12: Troll13: The Shadow of the King14: Chasing Past


The SlumsOld TownAntenna

Zombie Statues

The SlumsOld TownAntenna


The SlumsOld TownAntenna

Lost Notes

The SlumsOld Town

Marvin Zucker's Battle Journals

The SlumsOld Town

Audio logs

Old Town


The SlumsOld Town

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