Prologue – The Storm

Get out of the cellFind a way onto a second deckFind a weaponGet to know what is happening on the shipStop the leaking gasGet out from the engine roomFind a way onto a main deckSecure the landing fieldGet to the bridgeGet to the command centerKill all zombiesOpen bridge's door

Chapter 1 – Castaway

Join the rest of survivorsEnter the campDefend the camp

Chapter 1 – Back to Reality

Talk with TrevorPut up the fencesPrepare to defend the campKill all attacking monstersTalk with TrevorBlow up the bridge

Chapter 2 – New Beginnings

Talk with HarlowAsk about the boatFind a working boatCheck out the boatGet to the workshopEnter the workshopFind an engineMount an engine in boat

Chapter 2 – Pathfinders

Get through the jungleGet to the Halai Village

Chapter 3 – Saving Holy Man

Look for the missionaryKill all monsters

Chapter 3 – Where the Dead Live

Talk with Marcus VillaGo to the Dead ZoneKill all zombies in Dead ZoneTake Marcus' equipmentReturn to Marcus Villa

Chapter 3 – Meeting Locals

Talk with Marcus VillaGo to the house of Marcus Villa

Chapter 3 – Natural Resources

Collect bark of cinchona tree for HadisiReturn to HadisiTalk with Batram

Chapter 3 – The Ritual

Find a map of Marcus VillaAsk Batram about the mapGo to HalaiGo to Paradise Survival CampWait for arrival of Harlow

Chapter 3 – Way of Science

Talk with HarlowGo to BioSphere LaboratoryEnter the facilityEnter the laboratory

Chapter 4 – Dr Kessler

Talk with Dr KesslerGet the vials from mutated assistantsTake vials to Dr KesslerUse blood sampler

Chapter 5 – House of God

Return to jungleFind Santa Maria missionClean the missions ruins

Chapter 5 – Pump Action

Talk with TrevorFind a pumpLook for an entrance to the workshopBring pump

Chapter 5 – Change of Plans

Talk with TrevorKill all zombies

Chapter 5 – Heavy Equipment

Talk with Sam HardyFind a military chopperTake miniguns to mission

Chapter 5 – Stalwart Defence

Talk with TrevorDefend Mission until the water is pumped out

Chapter 6 – The Tunnels

Talk with TrevorGet through the tunnelsTurn on the lightFind a faultFind a switchFind a fuseSwap the fumeGet onto a lower levelGet through the tunnels #2Find the second switchTake a fuseSwap the fuseGet through the tunnels #3Go on the higher levelFind an exitFind a keyGet a keyExit the tunnels

Side missions – Jungle

ElectrifyingMines Go BoomHeavenly GiftRescue BrianFire SaleRescue StanleyGenre Horror: SlasherOn the SetRescue MeganRescue AlfredRescue TylerProximitySurplusWhite LineRescue KittyRescue MugambeRescue LukeAlternative MedicineAntidoteKill Eduardo "Quickdeath" PetoiaStop the MadnessHistory Lesson

Events – Jungle

Field KitchenKill the PainFemme fataleA New Machine


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