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راهنمایی قدم به قدم بازی Hitman: Absolution

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راهنمایی قدم به قدم بازی Hitman: Absolution

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Selecting difficulty levelExploring the areaOpponents’ alertness levelsStaying in hidingUsing disguisesWays to eliminate other charactersUsing elements of environmentScoring and challengesBonus content

1: Personal Contract

GardensGreenhouseCliffMansion ground floorMansion second floor

2: The King of Chinatown

Chinatown square – Locating the King of ChinatownChinatown square – Murdering the King of ChinatownChinatown square – Poisoning the King of ChinatownChinatown square – Leaving the square

3: Terminus

Terminus Hotel – Exploring the ground floor and side alleysTerminus Hotel – Exploring the hotel’s basementTerminus Hotel – Getting to the seventh floorUpper floors – Exploring the seventh floorUpper floors – Getting to the eighth floorUpper floors – Getting to room 899

4: Run For Your Life

Burning hotelThe Library – Crossing the first part of the libraryThe Library – Crossing the second part of the libraryPigeon coopShangri-La – Evading the policeShangri-La – Getting to the elevatorTrain station – Getting to train stationTrain station – Restarting train signals

5: Hunter and Hunted

CourtyardThe Vixen Club – Getting inside the clubThe Vixen Club – Killing Dom OsmondThe Vixen Club – Getting out of the clubDressing RoomsDerelict BuildingConvenience Store – Getting inside the shopConvenience Store – Getting to the exitLoading AreaChinese New Year – Exploring ChinatownChinese New Year – Eliminating Frank OwensChinese New Year – Eliminating Bill DoleChinese New Year – Eliminating Larry ClayChinese New Year – Leaving Chinatown

6: Rosewood

Victoria's WardOrphanage Halls – Exploring the first floor of the orphanageOrphanage Halls – Exploring the ground floor of the orphanageOrphanage Halls – Retrieving fuses: lower difficulty levelsOrphanage Halls – Retrieving fuses: higher difficulty levelsOrphanage Halls – Restoring powerCentral Heating – Finding WadeCentral Heating – Eliminating Wade

7: Welcome to Hope

Great Balls of Fire – Getting to the bartender without a fightGreat Balls of Fire – Getting to the bartender after starting a fight

8: Birdie’s Gift

Gun Shop – Exploring the shopGun Shop – Winning the shooting range contestGun Shop – Getting the key to the cabinetGun Shop – Acquiring Silverballers

9: Shaving Lenny

Streets of Hope – Exploring the townStreets of Hope – Murdering Tyler ColvinStreets of Hope – Murdering Landon MetcalfStreets of Hope – Murdering Gavin LeBlondStreets of Hope – Getting to the back entranceBarbershop – Exploring the barbershopBarbershop – Murdering Mason McCreadyBarbershop – Murdering Luke WheeleyBarbershop – Neutralizing Lenny

10: End of the Road


11: Dexter Industries

Dead End – Disabling primary and backup security systemsDead End – Locating sawmill entranceOld MillDescent – Getting into minesDescent – Reaching the elevatorFactory Compound – Reaching the main complexFactory Compound – Getting inside the factory buildingFactory Compound – Accessing the factory building lobbyFactory Compound – Accessing the elevator in lobby

12: Death Factory

Test Facility – Accessing the test facilityTest Facility – Exploring the test facilityTest Facility – Murdering Dr. GreenTest Facility – Disabling the security systemDecontaminationR&D – Exploring R&DR&D – Murdering Dr. ValentineR&D – Murdering Dr. AshfordR&D – Destroying Ashford’s research

13: Fight Night

Patriot’s Hangar – Exploring the hangarPatriot’s Hangar – Using a keycardPatriot’s Hangar – Using Patriot’s clothesThe Arena – Exploring the arenaThe Arena – Murdering Sanchez in traditional wayThe Arena – Fighting with Sanchez on the ringThe Arena – Exiting the arena

14: Attack of the Saints

Parking – Murdering Jennifer PaxtonParking – Reaching the area patrolled by Heather McCarthyParking – Murdering Heather McCarthyReception – Exploring the receptionReception – Murdering Dijana and Agnija RadoncicReception – Leaving the motel areaCornfield – Murdering Louisa 'Candy' CainCornfield – Murdering Jaqueline MoorheadCornfield – Murdering LaSandra DixonCornfield – Reaching the command post

15: Skurky's Law

Courthouse – Exploring the courthouseCourthouse – Getting to the holding cells in judge disguiseCourthouse – Getting to the holding cells in defendant disguiseCourthouse – Getting to the holding cells in a traditional wayHolding cellsPrison

16: Operation Sledgehammer

County jailOutgunnedBurnHope FairOutskirts

17: One of a Kind

Tailor shop

18: Blackwater Park

Blackwater Park – Exploring surroundings of the residential buildingBlackwater Park – Getting inside the residential buildingBlackwater Park – Exploring the residential buildingBlackwater Park – Unlocking access to the liftPenthouse – Getting to the main part of the penthousePenthouse – Exploring the penthousePenthouse – Eliminating Layla in traditional wayPenthouse – Getting rid of Layla in an arranged accidentPenthouse – Defeating Layla in a melee fightPenthouse – Exploring the panic room

19: Countdown

Blackwater Roof – Getting to the main roofBlackwater Roof – Getting to DexterBlackwater Roof – Eliminating Dexter

20: Absolution

Cemetery EntranceBurnwood Family Tomb – Exploring the tomb areaBurnwood Family Tomb – Eliminating JadeThe Crematorium


1: Personal Contract2: The King of Chinatown3: Terminus4: Run For Your Life5: Hunter and Hunted - p. 15: Hunter and Hunted - p. 26: Rosewood7: Welcome to Hope8: Birdie’s Gift9: Shaving Lenny - p. 19: Shaving Lenny - p. 211: Dexter Industries12: Death Factory - p. 112: Death Factory - p. 213: Fight Night14: Attack of the Saints15: Skurky's Law - p. 115: Skurky's Law - p. 216: Operation Sledgehammer18: Blackwater Park - p. 118: Blackwater Park - p. 218: Blackwater Park - p. 319: Countdown20: Absolution



Challenge Guide by Video Game Sophistry

A Personal ContractThe King of ChinatownTerminus HotelRun For Your LifeHunter and HuntedRosewoodWelcome to HopeBirdie's GiftShaving Lenny

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