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راهنمای قدم به قدم بازی Rise of the Tomb Raider

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راهنمای قدم به قدم بازی Rise of the Tomb Raider

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  • enre: action

  • developer: Crystal Dynamics

  • publisher: Microsoft Studios

  • platform: XBOX360, XONE

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Xbox One


How to unlock skillsBrawler - melee and healing skillsHunter - hunting and scavenging skillsSurvivalist - crafting and exploration skillsHow to obtain the lockpick?

Siberian Wilderness - Passageway

Get to the top of the mountain

Syria - Lost tomb

Find the ruins among the cliffsSearch the chamber with muralsFind the entrance to the Prophet's TombSearch the tomb's corridorsClimb to the top of the main chamber of the tomb

Siberian Wilderness - A Cold Welcome

Find a place to take shelterFind resources to build a fire and shelterReturn to the camp and make fire

Siberian Wilderness - Echoes of the Past

Explore the forest for the Signs of the Lost CityInvestigate the ruinsGather resources and heal injuries

Siberian Wilderness - Best Laid Plans

Find a way to defeat the bearFind mushrooms for the poison arrow upgradeFind a fabric for the poison arrow upgradeReturn to the camp to upgrade arrowsSneak or fight past the Trinity soldiers to reach the caveDefeat the bearExplore the cave to find an exitFollow the Mongolian path and search for the signs of the Lost City

Among the Enemy

Sneak into the old Soviet baseInvestigate the helicopter landing areaFind a way into the old prison

Unexpected Discovery

Use communications cables to zip line into the prison groundsPrison breakCreate an exit

The Way Out

Search the Command Center for a way to open the gateFind JacobHide from the Trinity soldiers

Get Out of Dodge

Fight through the Trinity base to the old train station


Escape the helicopter


Survive the freezing waters

Alone Again

Reach the copper millClimb the copper mill to reach the mine entranceRegroup with Jacob


Find a way through the mountainBreak through the door

Warming Up

Enter the valley

Prepare for Battle

Explore the valleyLight the Signal Fire on the SpireJoin Jacob at the upper villageHelp defend the village against the attackFollow the path up to the tower

Into the Acropolis

Find a way into the AcropolisEnter the Acropolis

To the Tower

Infiltrate the ruins and find SofiaFind the ammunition cacheFind a way to destroy the blockadeDestroy the blockade to free the RemnantsBreach the gate to the Tower CourtyardAttack Trinity to lure the helicopter out

Rescue Mission

Defeat Trinity forces

Back to the Forest

Find a safe path back to the Remnant village

Silent Night

Sneak or fight through the occupied villageScale the Cathedral to find the entrance

The Cathedral

Find a way inside the cathedralFind an entrance into the archives


Find a way down into the archives


Retrieve the Atlas from the archives before TrinitySurvive Trinity Assault and escape with the Atlas

Dark Waters

Find a way out of the archives with the Atlas

Rising Tide

Find a way to escape with the Atlas

Escape the Archive

Escape to safetyReturn to the valley

The Gathering

Find your way up the mountains to the Observatory

The Rescue

Follow the Trinity helicopter to the old Soviet base

Tracking Down Trinity

Find your way through the forest and find your way to the Trinity baseEnter the Meteorological StationSearch the facility

Rescue Jonah

Enter the prison blockFight Trinity back

Path of the Deathless

Use the planetarium to open the entrance to Kitezh

Through the Glacier

Find a way into the heart of Kitezh

Into the Hidden City

Cross the walls into the inner city

Breaking In

Find a way into the lost city of Kitezh

The Frozen City

Get through the first gateGet through the second gate

Gate Crasher

Find a way to destroy the gateGo to the other trebuchetDestroy the gate and repel the attackCross the bridge

You Shall Not Pass

Run!Defeat the Deathless warriorsClimb the tower


Reach the top of the tower

The Divine Source

Fight your way to the Chamber of SoulsEnter the Chamber of Souls


MapRelics and documentsMurals and chestsChallenges

Siberian Wilderness

MapRelicsDocumentsSurvival CachesChallenges and chests

Glacial Caverns

MapRelicsDocumentsTomb - Ice Ship [1/9]

Soviet Installation

MapRelicsDocumentsMuralsSurvival CachesChests and crypt treasuresChallenges - caves and computersChallenges - flagsChallenges - postersTomb - Red Mines [2/9]Tomb - Ancient Cistern [3/9]Tomb - Voice of God [4/9]

Abandoned Mine

MapDocumentsSurvival CachesRelics, murals and chests

Geothermal Valley

MapRelicsDocuments 1-15Documents 16-33MuralsSurvival cachesChests and crypt treasuresChallenges - chickens, dives, targetsChallenges - rabbits, barrelsTomb - Baths of Kitezh [5/9]Tomb - House of the Afflicted [6/9]Tomb 3 - Pit of Judgment [7/9]Tomb - Catacombs of Sacred Waters [8/9]

The Acropolis

MapRelicsDocumentsSurvival CachesChests and muralsChallenges

Flooded Archives

MapRelics and muralsDocumentsSurvival CachesChests

Research Base

MapRelics and muralsDocumentsSurvival CachesChests and challenges


MapSurvival Caches, murals and books

Path of the Deathless

MapRelics and DocumentsChallenges

Lost City

MapRelicsDocumentsSurvival cachesMurals and chestsChallenges - signal fires, bellsChallenges - statuesChallenges - bannersTomb - Chamber of Exorcism [9/9]


IntroductionList of achievementsSecret achievementsFor My Next Trick...Bacon!Bar BrawlChemical WarfareGlub Glub GlubQuiet TimeNo Guts, No GloryGood SamaritanWell Begun Is Half DoneHuntressTrick ShotTriple ThreatRenegadeRotisserieQuick and PainlessZipperPaying RespectsAvid ShopperA Trusty Old FriendThese Belong in A MuseumOther achievements

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